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What To Expect On Your First Driving Lesson

What to expect on your first driving lesson

Have you booked your first driving lesson? Of course, you must be nervous, but it is normal. Every learner is nervous on their first driving lesson as they have a feeling of not messing up. But don’t worry; driving instructors are professional. They have handled multiple drivers before, and you are not the first one.

Where Will I Be Picked And Dropped?

Your driving instructor will call you before your driving lesson and ask you where you want to be picked up from and where to be dropped off. Now when that’s decided, you need to prepare for your driving lesson!

What To Bring On Your First Driving Lesson?

You must bring your driving licence, logbook (if you have a learner’s licence), and anything else you need.

What Will You Do On Your First Driving Lesson?

If you have driven before and have some experience, your driving instructor will assess your previous knowledge first. But if you are starting to drive for the first time, your driving instructor will spend some time teaching you the road rules and car features (ex: where the brake is or how to indicate right). After you’ve learned all the basics, your instructor will tell you to move off. He will not take you to highways or main roads straightaway and first will let you get complete control of the car on suburban streets. Don’t overthink if you make any mistakes when driving because we are humans and even professionals make mistakes. Your driving instructor will tell you to check the mirrors frequently, which is an essential part of driving.

End Of The Driving Lesson

At the end of each driving lesson, your instructor will provide feedback on how you can improve in the next lesson and what you have nailed in this lesson. If you have a learner’s licence, you must also have a logbook with you during the lesson and get it filled in right after the driving lesson.

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