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Modern &

Safe Cars

We are the Best Driving School in Melbourne with Years of Experience in teaching learners to become safe and skilled drivers. We can guarantee you 100% Satisfaction and a 99% Passing Rate. We use the most Modern and Safest Cars that have a 5-Star ANCAP Safety Rating for your safety.

Book your Driving Lessons or Test with us and rest assured, you're in skilled hands!

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Learn from the Best Driving Instructors

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You will Master:

  • Driving on highways and city roads
  • Vehicle Controls
  • Traffics Signs
  • Rules of the Road
  • Encountering other Road Users
  • Method of taking Right and Left turns
  • 3-Point Turn and Parallel Parking
  • Driving through Roundabouts

Driving Lessons and Test Prices

$5545 MINS

Basic Package


  • 1 LESSON$55
  • 5 LESSONS$265
  • 10 LESSONS$530
  • Driving Test + 45 min$200

$6560 MINS

Standard Package


  • 1 LESSON$65
  • 5 LESSONS$305
  • 10 LESSONS$610
  • Mock Test$90
  • Driving Test + 60 min$220

$9990 MINS

Premium Package


  • 1 LESSON$99
  • 5 LESSONS$480
  • 10 LESSONS$960
  • Driving Test + 90 min$260

Why Choose Us?

We're teaching learners from years to become a highly skilled and safe driver. We're here to help you become a great driver!

More than a Driving School

We teach the skills that you require to be a safe and smart road user!

We know your Language

All our instructors are multilingual and they speak English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi fluently!

Modern & Safe Techniques

We know exactly how to teach you in the right and safest way there has ever been!

Very Affordable Prices

We know that learning to drive is expensive, that is why we have the most cheapest prices just for you!

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Reviews & Testimonials

Listen to what our Customers say...


This is the
Best Driving

Great structure, great service as well as a very nice friendly teaching, Recommend for everyone.

What to expect on your first driving lesson

Mohamad El Abbout

Driving School

Passed my driving test at Carlton Vic Roads, awesome experience driving with Owais, an excellent instructor to learn driving from.

What to expect on your first driving lesson

Sahil Sehgal



  • Do you offer Refresher Driving Lessons?

    Of course! You can schedule lessons with us to brush up on your driving techniques with your current licence. It will make you a more confident and skillful driver on the road.

  • How many Driving Lessons do I need?

    If you're not sure of how many driving lessons you need, don't worry, our driving instructor will assess your road knowledge and skills in the first driving lessons and recommend you the number of driving lessons you will need.

  • Can my Driving Instructor book my Driving Test?

    Yes, your driving instructor can book your drive test after consultation with an adult client/ Guardians or Sponsoring organization.

  • How can I book my Free Keys2Drive Lesson?

    Just call us or submit our contact form and we'll soon be in touch with you!

  • Where will I be taking my Driving Lessons?

    You can take driving lessons at any place convenient to you. We still do recommend taking driving lessons at the place where you plan to have your driving test.

Useful Links

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Learner Handbook

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Road Rules

Road Rules

Read about all the Road Rules and how to apply them on the roads!

Driver's Safety

Read and find out how you can be a safe driver on the roads!

Practice Learner Permit Test

Practice for your Learner Permit Test and learn how to pass it!

Convert overseas driving licence to Australian driving licence

Convert Overseas Driving Licence

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