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How To Drive On Gravel Roads

How To Drive On Gravel Roads

Driving on gravel roads can be challenging for inexperienced drivers, as the loose surface can make it difficult to maintain control of the vehicle. Here are some tips on how to drive on gravel roads:

1. Slow Down

Gravel roads tend to have a rougher surface, so it’s essential to slow down to reduce the chances of losing control.

2. Keep a Safe Distance

Following too closely behind other vehicles on a gravel road increases the risk of losing control due to dust or debris kicked up by their tires.

3. Avoid Sudden Movements

Sudden movements such as sudden braking, accelerating, or steering can cause the vehicle to skid or fishtail on a loose surface. Make smooth and gradual movements instead.

4. Drive in the Tracks

Driving in the tracks of a vehicle that has already passed can reduce the amount of gravel you drive on and provide a smoother and more stable surface.

5. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires can make it more challenging to maintain control on a loose surface. Make sure your tires are correctly inflated before driving on a gravel road.

6. Avoid Sudden Stops

Sudden stops can cause the wheels to lock and the vehicle to skid. Slow down gradually and use your brakes gently to stop the car.

7. Use Low Gear

If the road is steep, use low gear to reduce the risk of losing control and ensure better vehicle control.

Always wear your seatbelt and follow traffic rules while driving on gravel roads. Stay safe!

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